Strains of hope, songs of peace


Self-taught Afghan musician Mohammad Amiri says he wants his music to send a strong message of peace to people in home country

Mohammad Amiri was born in Afghanistan, but due to the unsafe conditions and hardships of life in his homeland, he along with his family moved to Iran, hoping for a better future.

Mohammad always had a passion for singing, and despite the stringent religious laws on music and artistes, he pursued his art with courage and dedication. “Learning to play an instrument without professional lessons is very challenging but I decided to go for it,” says Mohammad. “There were not many opportunities for me to perform in public, in Iran. But nothing stopped me from following my passion, so I decided to teach myself playing the guitar at home,” says Mohammad, who over the years has become an excellent guitarist.

In 2013, Mohammad moved to Australia, a country that seemed to hold promise for a musician. He joined his friend’s band as a guitarist and performed at weddings and Afghan festivals. He released his first music video a few months ago, which received a great amount of positive response from his listeners. “It helped me get invited to several other events,” says Mohammad, who recently performed at the Multicultural Arts of Victoria in front of a huge crowd, representing the Afghan community.

“My musical style is folklore and pop,” says the young musician. “But more than the genre, I want my music to send a strong message of peace, especially to people in my country,” he adds.

Looking in the Afghan world of pop music, everyone’s always wondering which talented young debutant artists will flourish. With his soul-stirring music, Mohammad has cemented his spot among them.


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