Out of Africa


Kumaran is a third generation Indian born in South Africa and like most South African born Indians at the time he had minimal options to develop his career due to the hardships of the apartheid era. His parents made great sacrifices to ensure he had a good education to equip him for the future. He graduated as a Quantity Surveyor in 1990 and undertook further studies in project management a few years later. He worked many years in commercial construction and was unable to get into management due to the political situation in his country.

The incidents that changed his life forever. In 2001, he experienced two car-jacking incidents which had traumatised him to the extent that he decided to leave South Africa with his wife and children migrate to Australia, where he made a life for himself. He started off at the bottom in an after-hours role in a call centre and before long he was back in the Quantity Surveying field but this time in the residential sector. Within a year he progressed into management and his now 12-year management experience recently got him the Operations Management role at Mimosa Homes where he is responsible for overseeing the day to day operation of the business with increasing focus on customer service.

Kumaran is also one of the founding members of the Wyndham Eastern Cultural Association which was formed to keep the Indian culture alive amongst migrants.


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