Building for society


Manish is a registered architect and MD of apt architecture, a Hawthorn-based architecture and interior design practice in Melbourne’s inner east. He is on a mission to improve the suburban architectural makeup one project at a time.

Manish strongly believes that built environment affects our lives and it is essential that the quality of built environment should be uniform as we move to and from public, work and living spaces. While most Australians enjoy the benefits of architecturally designed public and work environments, the suburban residential built environment is quite ‘generic’, non-personalized and often dull.

Manish believes this is because most people don’t engage an architect in the process of creating their homes as they think architects and architect designed residences are ‘too expensive’. “I am trying to change this by creating awareness among the community about the benefits of well designed built environments on occupants’ lives and well-being,” says Manish.

His plan is to disrupt the current system of availing architectural services to extend cost-effective architectural services to all. A graduate of MSU Baroda, Manish arrived in Australia in ’04, leaving behind a decade old thriving practice he had co-founded in Ahmedabad.


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