All out for cricket


As a young boy growing up in New Delhi, Kanwar watched a live telecast of a cricket game between Australia and India at the MCG in Australia. Without a doubt in his mind, he simply knew his destiny was to be a part of the Australian community and also maybe a part of the Australian cricket team.

Kanwar Singh was energetic as a child, graduating with B.Com Hons from Delhi University and rising to be the university’s star cricketer. Kanwar has continued to pursue his destiny by being the first Indian to be a life member at Springvale cricket club and an involved member of the Dingley community.

Living a dream. Now as a 45-year-old director of a thriving accounting business and the youngest ever Indian Australian director of Bendigo Bank, Dingley and a Fellow member of CPA, as well as a respected member of the Dingley community and its cricket clubs (Dingley C.C and Springvale C.C), he has fulfilled his childhood dream.

Kanwar loves his work, his community and his cricket. He also loves spending countless hours with his family (playing and watching cricket) and teaching his two golden Labradors how to play his favorite game.


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