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Gavin Gill is known for successfully completing some of Melbourne’s best en globo land site acquisitions to a network of local and international investors from all sectors of the property market. His meticulously formulating appropriate strategies and extensive knowledge stemming from Urban Lland through to developments, estate management and project marketing is the key Gavin holds to successfully negotiate the acquisition of largest landmark projects.

“My inspiration and motivation comes from my clients who entrust what is possibly one of the largest decision and even largest financial transaction that they may incur. Melbourne filled with cultural diversity is exciting, as everyone I meet I learn something new about their background, life experiences and their future endeavours,” he says.

Unmatched success. His expertise in Urban Land is relied upon not only by developers but consultants alike. And Gavin’s extensive knowledge and professional service is the fierce advantage to his unmatched success and rapidly growing network building his clients property portfolios.

Gavin works assiduously and always ready for a challenge in the booming Melbourne real estate market to fore fill his and his clients real estate goals.


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