Ready for some magic?


The first time I saw a Hindi movie I was amazed by the richness of its colours, music, dancing and passion. If you watch a movie from India you will find yourself immersed in a two-hour magic ride, where your heart will skip from excitement to sadness and then romanticism, and then at the very end, just when you fall deeply in love with the movie, the magic comes to an end, leaving you wishing it had continued just a little bit longer.

Being part of an amazing team such as the South Asian Bridal Show and Festivals of South Asia Inc (FOSAI) has been my magic ride. As the newest addition to the team they have accepted me and taken me in as one of the family.

In terms of the show, there is no greater joy than to see the excitement and passion in all the models, volunteers, writers, photographers, artists and every single person involved in this unique and exquisite event.

I urge you to join us on this magical experience, and many more to come.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank and congratulate everyone for such a good job. Once this magic ride ends, I promise there will be another, just as vibrant and exciting, if not more.

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