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The multi-talented Farhan Akhtar was in Sydney recently for the concert Zinda Ho Tum. He gets talking to Manju Mittal

It was a hot and humid day but it in no way deterred actor Farhan Akhtar’s fans from meeting him on 8 February at the grand Maharaja Haveli Restaurant, Quakers Hills, ahead of his concert Zinda Ho Tum.

After arriving in Sydney from the airport Farhan headed straight to the Haveli, much to the delight of his fans. Dressed casually in shorts and a black jacket, he looked – to put it simply – dazzling.

Almost as soon as he walked in, fans went wild asking him questions. One of them asked about how his creative mind manages to focus on many things at the same time, to which Farhan replied with honesty – he said he never did more than one thing – or film – at a time and therefore focussed on it completely. “I never over-commit myself so that I can focus in whatever I am doing,” said the actor.

When Farhan was asked that who he credit his success to, he smiled and said it was his mother. “There have been a lot of factors, from environment to genetics. I have been a fan of movies from a very young age and exposed to the best of cinema in every genre. It has become such a part of me that every single time I hear or read something, I wonder if it can be made into a film,” he said.

Of course, another favourite question that popped that evening was how he got famously fit for Bhag Milkha Bhag, the superhit film based on Indian runner Milkha Singh, where Farhan played the lead. “With hard work, determination and dedication one can achieve anything in life. I trained intensely two years of my life. I was completely dedicated to this film and I concentrated on the fact that if Milkha Singh could work so hard to achieve his goal, then I too must put in all my effort to justify this role,” he said.

At the end of the concert, people came forward and got pictures with Farhan, but not before he recited a few lines through his heart-wrenching poem Mard (meaning man), and the Senorita song from the movie ‘Zindgi na milege dobara’, which brought the audience to their feet.

Organisers of the event Rock On Entertainment Manish Goyal and Nitin Puri and sponsors did an excellent job by taking care of the stars as well the audience.

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