Big B distressed after fan’s outburst

Jospephs Gate

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan was disheartened after a teenager complained that he didn’t greet her on her birthday, saying the actor’s claims of being in touch with fans was false.

The 72-year-old makes it a point to wish his fans, or as he prefers to call his Extended Family, on their special days. But when he missed one fan’s birthday, he faced her outburst.

“Amita has been upset that I did not wish her on the 15th… my apologies… She has (said) on Twitter that I … am false in my expressions of greeting.

“Well…what can I say… no one that I follow shall ever be deleted from my list…if others wish to leave, I am no one to stop them…

“I never forced anyone to come on board, I shall never force anyone to leave… this platform is most sacred to me, and shall ever remain so,” he posted on his official blog.

The versatile actor, with over 40 years in the film world, also mentioned that his dedication to the social media would continue.

“What I have received from it and from all that come here, cannot be described in words… it has been magical…

“You may all decide to leave me and this platform, BUT…I will not… I shall continue to write, even if there is NO ONE to respond or read it,” the actor said.

Big B, who unveiled a bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi here last week, noted that he picks all his events after scrutinising ways to stay updated because he finds joy through the union.

“My first concern is whether, where I travel or move, has connectivity or not. I challenge all offices to provide me those facilities or else I refrain from going there or accepting invitation. ALL BECAUSE I AM UNABLE TO CONNECT TO MY (Extended Family),” he posted.

Meanwhile, after garnering appreciation for his role in “Shamitabh”, the actor will be seen in “Piku” and “Wazir” this year.

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