Festival of de-light: Wyndham Diwali


The Wyndham Diwali Mela promises to be a blast both on stage and up in the sky

With more than 10,000 enthusiastic participants last year, the Wyndham Diwali Mela has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years.

The multicultural festival of lights has reached many community groups other than Indian — such as African, European, North American, Asian, Pacific and more.

This year, the festival, which will be held on 18 October at the Presidents’ Park in the central region of Werribee/Hoppers Crossing, will focus on promoting the message of Many Cultures One Nation, because the organizers believe the world is one family. The venue for this year’s festival has been chosen as it is close to many upcoming suburbs such as Wyndham Vale, Tarneit, Truganina, Williams Landing, etc.

Wyndham’s cultural diversity is recognized and celebrated as one of the city’s greatest assets, contributing to growth and enriching the life of our community on so many different levels – social, cultural, economic and intellectual – and the WDI team believes this will happen and continue to grow with events such as Wyndham Diwali. This festival is among the biggest not-for profit events in Wydham.

The evening will feature Bollywood, Indian Classical, Ballet, Scottish and fusion dance forms by local artistes, and end in a fabulous fireworks display, to celebrate the victory of good over evil, which is what the festival of Diwali is about.

This colorful event is intended to be a platform for locals to showcase their incredible talents, provide a marketplace for local businesses as well as facilitate short term job creation opportunities within this rapidly expanding community. This year’s Festival of Lights will feature some of India’s leading dancers and musicians who are now calling Wyndham and surrounding areas their home.

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Published in The Indian Sun / Wyndham Diwali News

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