Kathak performance at Diwali at Fed Square

Indian Dancing in Melbourne

Kathak, the ancient dance form that finds its roots in the act of story-telling, is one of the seven classical dance styles of North India. As much as its classism, Kathak is also celebrated as one of the most spectacular and dynamic dance forms in the world.

Mohini, the teacher and founding director at Manmohini Indian Dance School, is a master’s degree holder in Indian Classical dance, from University of Pune, India. She established the dance school in 2009, and has been training students of many cultural backgrounds and performing in various multicultural events over the years.

As a passionate Kathak dancer, Mohini creates opportunities for every student to perform with confidence in a group and in through solos. Currently, there are more than 50 students from various suburbs of Melbourne learning from Mohini.

Mohini and her students will be a putting up a pulsating Kathak performance at the Diwali at Fed Square event.

Published in The Indian Sun / Celebrate India Diwali in Melbourne

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