Battling for Little India

The Indian Sun Person of The Year Nominee 2014

Kaushaliya Vaghela is a Master of Science from India and a Master of Applied Science (Research) from RMIT. She worked as a medical scientist at Dorevitch Pathology and then as a cancer researcher at Monash University before setting up an Indian garment shop in ‘Little India’ with her husband Dinesh.

Kaushaliya led the movement for Dandenong’s ‘Little India’ traders, who were facing disruption of business at the hands of ‘Places Victoria’, which is redeveloping the Dandenong area.

As a spokesperson, she also addressed ‘Little India’ traders, their families and supporters during a massive and colourful rally outside the Victorian Parliament after presenting a signature campaign in their favour.

She continued the campaign for ‘Little India’ traders by lobbying with the Government. The movement was successful as ‘Places Victoria’ granted six months’ rent-free tenure for ‘Little India’ shops.

She has made relentless efforts over the years to save this multicultural icon. She is so passionate about this issue that she won’t give up until she gets justice for the ‘Little India’ traders.

Published in The Indian Sun / The Indian Sun Person of The Year Nominee 2014

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