Bengali diaspora study centre at Kalyani varsity


West Bengal’s Kalyani University is starting a Bengali diaspora research centre that will not only shed light on the problems the community faces abroad but will also seek to restore them to their roots.

Brainchild of university’s vice chancellor Ratan Lal Hangloo, the Bengali diaspora study centre will have MPhil and PhD courses to begin with.

Lectures by eminent researchers, particularly those researching on Bengalis abroad, will be a major part of its activities.

“The centre will have both academic and cultural focus on the Bengali diaspora. It will also help bring them closer to their roots,” Hangloo told IANS.

The hub is expected to start functioning by the end of this year, with an international seminar as one of its first events.

“There are a lot of Bengalis settled abroad and they are facing problems. They feel disanchored from their roots and face identity issues. This centre will also act as a platform to ventilate their grievances,” Sumit Mukherjee, dean of arts at the university told IANS.

Mukherjee is slated to head the centre as its director.


Published in The Indian Sun (News on Bengalis in Australia)

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