Helping Indian students succeed and get to university


UTS: INSEARCH is a premium pathway provider to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), and its programs are specifically designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed for future success at UTS.

“Many international students are keen to commence their higher education studies this year to stay on track and get to university as quickly as they can,“ says UTS:INSEARCH Dean of Studies, Tim Laurence.

“With UTS:INSEARCH’s Semester 3 starting in September, students can enroll now for their diploma and have the opportunity to transfer into second year at UTS when they finish,” he says, and adds that for students who have completed studies equivalent to year 12, UTS offers a range of options to suit different students, as our diploma programs can be completed in 8 or 12 months. “We also offer a 16 month diploma that includes an integrated English program,” he says.

Students undertaking diplomas at UTS:INSEARCH learn in small classes of no more than 20, enjoy a modern and well-designed campus, and have access to UTS facilities including a world-class library and 24 hour computer labs.

“UTS is a highly reputable university which partners with over 150 companies to share their resources and expertise, which helps students to build relevant, practice-based knowledge, for future careers,” says Mr Laurence.

Students experience the difference

The value of UTS:INSEARCH’s hands-on approach to learning is shown through the experience of students, such as Chirag Rao from Delhi, India. Mr Rao studied a Diploma of Business at UTS:INSEARCH and found the small class sizes and dedicated teachers very helpful.

“At UTS:INSEARCH there is always one-on-one interaction between students and teachers, which makes it easy for students to understand hard topics,” Mr Rao said.

“The lecture and tutorial structure is a main advantage of UTS:INSEARCH. During a lecture you hear about a topic, but it’s not until the tutorial that you understand it and remember it, ready for a test.

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