Cut to Wyndham Police numbers under Napthine: Hennessy


There are over 20 per cent fewer frontline police officers in Wyndham today than there were three years ago, Member for Altona District Jill Hennessy said.

“While crime increases across the state, Denis Napthine and the Liberals have taken police off Wyndham streets. Most Victorians would be shocked to learn that Denis Napthine has reduced the number of police on the beat in their local area. When Denis Napthine cuts $100 million from Victoria Police and cuts the number of officers on the beat, he cuts support to the Wyndham community,” she said.

Victoria Police documents obtained through Freedom of Information reveal that in the Wyndham Police Service Area, frontline police numbers have been cut from 106 to 84 between November 2010 and the end of January 2014.

“Local police are doing a great job with limited resources. But with the massive growth experienced in Wyndham, our police need more resources to do their job properly, not savage cuts like those experienced under this government,” said Ms Hennessy.

At the same time, crime rates have skyrocketed under the Napthine Liberal Government each and every year.

In Wyndham, criminal offences have increased by over 14 per cent between 2010/11 and the 2012/13.

 “Denis Napthine’s dysfunctional Liberal Government can’t be trusted with the safety of our local area. Despite Denis Napthine and the Liberals promising to make Victoria safer, crimes rates have increased each and every year under this Government,” she said.


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