Future cities that ‘glow’ in the dark


What about an evening stroll on a street with glowing trees and illuminated pathways? Or finding your favourite vegetable grown on the side of a skyscraper?


As experts the world over ponder over ways to find new technologies that reduce our dependence on natural resources, here comes a report that can actually help.

The cities of the future would be covered in ‘glow-in-the-dark dust’ that would make street lighting redundant and make our surroundings more environmentally friendly, said a report from Arup, a London-based global engineering and design consultancy.

“Even trees could be made to glow in the dark by splicing bioluminescent genes into their trunks and branches,” experts at Arup were quoted as saying.

To meet the increasing demand for food, vertical ‘urban farms’ are also forecast with crops being grown in and on city buildings.

Parks could also contribute to food supplies by providing places where people can forage for fruits, edible greenery and even insects, said a Daily Mail report.

Adaptations to existing city spaces, enabled by rapid technological innovation, would serve as major catalysts in the shift toward increasing sustainability, resilience and adaptability in dense urban environments, the Arup report added.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Australian Magazine)

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