Truck driver faces trial for crash


An Indian-origin truck driver in Australia, who was charged for killing four members of a family in a road accident, appeared in a Melbourne court Sunday.

Jobandeep Gill, 27, who is accused of running through a stop sign and colliding his truck with a car in Catani area Friday, appeared in Melbourne magistrates court.

His lawyer Abdullah Altintop told the court that Gill was in shock following the accident, the ABC News reported.

The car in which five people were travelling, incinerated, killing both parents, who were in their 30s, as well as their two-year-old son and daughter.

However, their nine-year-old son was the lone survivor in the accident.

Gill, a sub-contractor for a truck company, has been charged with four counts of culpable driving causing death, four counts of dangerous driving, one count of reckless conduct endangering life, and one count of failing to stop at a stop sign.

Gill’s trial would continue next week.

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