Local community can easily relate with Pallavi Sharda


I strongly support Australian Indian actor Pallavi Sharda’s name as IFFM Ambassador. I think she should have been made an Ambassador way back in 2012.

This is a tax payer funded event – so there should be more support for local artists and local talent.

Pallavi is a local girl. Her family still lives in Melbourne, and they are actively involved with the local community. Pallavi has also been involved with local community events since she was a young child, and she still visits local events. Recently she had attended an event organised by Indian Seniors.

Pallavi was educated locally – she holds a triple degree from a reputed local university. She knows Victoria much better than any other FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) star. She would be a better advocate for Victoria on any given day.

Pallavi is a true Australian-Indian. She is someone with whom the local community can easily relate with. She is also very humble and down-to-earth. She has better understanding of the lifestyle, culture and aspirations of Victorian Indian community.

Pallavi has done Indian movies (Besharam etc), Australian Movie (Save Your Legs) and even a Hollywood Movie. So you can ‘check’ all the ‘boxes’.

In fact “Save your Legs” was funded by the Victorian Government but quite surprisingly it was never screened at IFFM. They should screen local productions as well, at least those that involve local Indian artists.

I am also surprised that another Victorian – Tania Zaetta has never been invited to any IFFM event. Tania is also someone who is a well-known local talent and I have seen her at few local Indian community events as well. Tania should have been invited to few IFFM events as well.

I would like to see IFFM promoting local talent. I would like the IFFM Guests to be people who are willing to attended local Indian events, or at least are able to attract film productions to Victoria.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian magazine in Melbourne)

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