Government should reconsider cuts to Multicultural Grants: Batta


Another community leader has decided to speak up on the recent changes to grants for the Multicultural Programs in NSW. Rohitas Batta said that he has been trying to communicate the Indian community’s concerns about the grants to Minister Dominello’s office. Batta has also contacted the office of the Senator Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Services, and discussed the changes to the grants programs for Multicultural Communities.

In an email to The Indian Sun, Batta said: “Though community groups and members are instrumental in raising funds for many community projects, some important projects depend on government funding. The recent changes to grants are a matter of concern to the community.

“We are trying to impress upon the Federal and NSW Governments to consider providing the grants and restore the confidence of the communities.

“Community consultation on these matters will help the Government to get better feedback on these issues.”

Rohitas’s email also stressed the need to reconsider the beneficiaries of these grants as there were other groups in the community that may need financial support for the community tasks undertaken by these bodies.

Batta has played active roles in organisations like the Technocrats’ Association of Australia, United Indian Associations, Global Organization of People of Indian origin and also on the management board of the Ethnic Communities Council NSW.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine  in Australia)

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