‘Almost no guidance for new migrants’


I would not like to generalise because there are some established community leaders who are providing leadership to the problems faced by new migrants, but I can say that by and large, the leadership is missing.

The new migrants are largely from the youth population. Being on the board of a few community organisations, one of which focuses on the issues faced by new youth immigrants, I have been informed and have noticed that there is very little guidance or support provided to them by established leaders in terms of assisting them in assimilating and succeeding in the new environment. Their problems are largely ignored. Part of the reason for this may be the lack of connection with or understanding of the new Indian youth and the generation gap but a major part appears to be due to lack of sympathy from the established leaders who are too entrenched within the safe environs of the ‘establishment’. Some of the initiatives that are undertaken seem to be politically motivated rather than supportive. I would also like to add that initiatives undertaken by emerging leaders are also usually disparaged possibly due to fear of changing the power balance.


Molina Asthana

Principal Solicitor

Commercial, Property & Technology

Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office

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