Battered Kentucky woman looks for help on Facebook


“Help… Please … anyone”. These three words with a photograph of a bloody and bruised face of a woman were the desperate plea for help posted by a Kentucky woman on her Facebook page on Monday night.

Susann Stacy posted the photograph along with her plea for help on the social media site after her husband brutally bashed her with a gun and then pulled the home phone out of the wall after a domestic fight.

Desperate for help, she turned to her mobile but that had no service. Thankfully, she did have internet connection at home and using her cellphone took a selfie and posted it to her Facebook with the three words.

One of her friends saw the post and called the Leslie County police. She had “several lacerations to the head. They appeared to be bad but we really could not tell at the time. Her hair was matted with her blood,” Leslie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Mullins said.

Donnie Stacy, Susann Stacy’s husband has been caught and faces charges. Meanwhile, Susann Stacy is planning to file for an emergency protective order against her husband.

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