IEC Award for Micro Business: Books & Loans Pty Ltd


Padmini Dyer won the IEC award for Micro Business

Subsequent to our nominations and answering detailed questions on IEC awards website, I felt that the process of nomination was well designed and focused on key criteria for successful leadership and community participation. When IEC Team called me to advise me that we were selected as one of the finalists, I was truly nervous.

The event was so well presented, a true show case to our Melbournian Indian Diaspora. The IEC team deserves all the credit for organizing and staging such a successful event! On winning the micro business category award, I immediately felt the enormity of the encouragement to our business and responsibility that I now carry to other businesses and the broader community. I hope to serve IEC Awards club as an ambassador and provide any assistance we can to continue to promote and encourage other small business owners.

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