Infinity Cricket raises the player experience – partners with CricHQ


Ahead of Infinity Cricket’s inaugural Winter T20 Challenge, CricHQ was made the ‘Scoring partner’ in a bid to enhance the playing experience.

Navneet Ganesh, Infinity Cricket’s founder spoke of the scoring evolution they have experienced over the last three years.

‘When we started in 2011, we had manual scorebooks and the teams were to score themselves. We found this was a bit of an issue – especially as there was not much consistency in all the teams’ scoring. In 2012, we offered teams specific instructions on how to score – and whilst the standards improved – there was still work to be done,’ said Ganesh.

‘In 2013, ahead of the Summer tournament – we brought in dedicated scorers for each and every match. The scoring improved, however we realized we had another problem – and that was in relation to data related.’

‘The scorecards were being recorded manually, and it was a considerable effort to input that data elsewhere to display results online or work out statistics. We needed to search for a smarter way.’

‘In our quest to improve our scoring process and enhance the playing experience we decided to use CricHQ for this year’s inaugural Winter Challenge.’

Ari Ritz, the Regional Manager of CricHQ in the East Asia Pacific region was pleased with the successful integration CricHQ in the event.

‘When I originally stumbled upon Infinity Cricket, I discovered a place where the excitement of T20 cricket was bringing together cricketers from all different clubs and backgrounds. For CricHQ, grassroots cricket is what we are all about.’

‘We were obviously very excited about bringing professional standard scoring, competition management and match analysis into an already well-run competition.’

CricHQ offers scorers the ability to record match details live through a mobile app. This is then fed to a web backend where live-scores, results and statistics are displayed. CricHQ offer comprehensive competition management ability for organizers to set up fixtures, squads and officials ahead of an event.

‘The feedback on the use of the CricHQ app has been great! The players have loved being able to see their stats & matches in real time live. There are still other areas that we would like to be able to innovate on, but we are heading in the right direction,’ said Ganesh.

The scoring on the app is straight-forward and significantly minimizes errors.

‘Scoring through the app was an amazing experience for me and the other scorers as well. CricHQ is efficient, easy and quite versatile,’ said Prasannakumar Palani a match scorer & coordinator at Infinity Cricket.

Ari Ritz credited the Infinity Cricket scorers for their use of the app. ‘I thought the scorers did a fantastic job, seeing how quickly they picked it up was great credit to the app itself.’

The player experience of the match is enhanced through features such as the run-rate worm, manhattan graphs, wagon wheels as well as a unique MVP metric – useful when wanting to determine the most valuable player.

Players and fans can follow the game better than ever before and enjoy content previously unavailable.

‘What we have tried to do is lift the player experience during the Infinity Winter T20 Challenge. It was great to have live scorecards available for people following from home. In addition, players & captains were able to go into matches more prepared than ever before looking at key statistics of their players and opponents,’ commented Matthew Lukies, Umpire & Match-day coordinator at Infinity Cricket & part of the management team.

Infinity Cricket has a vision of ‘connecting people through cricket.’ Since 2011, Infinity Cricket has been delivering ‘open’ T20 Cricket tournaments in Melbourne and 2013 saw 44 teams and over 650 players participate across Summer & Winter events.

With the partnership of CricHQ as ‘scoring partner’ Infinity Cricket integrates technology and continues to lead in innovation by providing players an unrivalled experience not found in other grass-roots level events.

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