Reactions from the Indian community


Shveata Chandel Singh finds out what people are saying in Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Morgan Balasingham, Candidate from Grayndler seat

I am happy with the performance of my party. It is a really good achievement for the new party. What the party has achieved in five months since it was created is commendable.

I got fewer votes than the Greens but it is quite satisfactory. Actually the general public is not really too aware about parties other than the Liberals and Labour. The media needs to play a more considerable role in making the people aware about other parties and their policies as well.

I congratulate the Liberals on their victory. I am hopeful that they will do really good job for Australia.

Amarinder Bajwa, Vice-president, Sikh Council of Australia

We are happy with the change in leadership and hope that the Liberals will work to improve the relations between India and Australia.

We hope that the Liberals will work on their policies stand by their commitments.

Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman, India Australia Strategic Alliance

I congratulate the Liberals on their victory. We were very hopeful about the change in leadership as people were demanding it.

With the Liberals in power, the country will be back on track. When the Liberals were in power, they had really done commendable work and now much more is in the pipeline.

Intaj Khan, Councillor, Wyndham City Council

Everyone was after a change and I think that was the reason the Liberals won.
Change was expected much before. Labor had too many internal issues. Be it the change in leadership or internal conflicts in the leaders of the party, it really affected the thinking of the public. The people were not very happy with what was happening inside the party and it is one of the reasons they were after a change in government.

Earlier Julia Gillard took over from Kevin Rudd and later Kevin Rudd took over from her, so this was something unpleasant for the people to accept.

Though I would say that Labour has brought in many reforms in the education sector and other areas, I hope the Liberals will continue the good work.

Kevin Rudd has announced his resignation from the party, so I am hopeful that the party will now get a new direction under new leadership.

Arun Sharma, Chairman of Celebrate India

I congratulate Tony Abbott and the Liberal party members on their victory.

It is now time to get down to serious business — implementing policies that can stimulate growth and jobs.
I would like to see more health care and disability insurance policies to be taken more seriously by this government. We have a growing number of the senior population who require more care and they should not be neglected.

Investments in infrastructure will be wise as well.

Relationships with India and the Indian community must get priority.

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