Small business, immigration stand to gain from election verdict, says Gurdeep Singh


Hornsby Councillor Gurdeep Singh says community leaders and political parties must work to ensure there are at least four candidates from the South Asian communities in the next elections.

The Coalition govt will certainly be different in that it is going to be a stable govt so that it will focus on turning around the loss making budgets, cutting waste, encouraging small business growth, better immigration laws via-a-vis the 457 visas, reducing company taxes, improving infrastructure and much more.

The concerns of the Indian Australians were not much different viewed in the light of 6 years of lack of governance by Labor govt. These were the same concerns as I outlined above but in the context of those things not happening in the last 6 years Western Sydney has been traditionally a Labor stronghold and Labor carried a strong negative campaign in those seats. Still, Lindsay and Reid were gained by Libs. Except for Greenway, there has been a significant swing to Libs in all seats, although not enough for a clear victory.

As of now, Parramatta hangs in the balance depending on postal votes. The south Asian or sub continental community must look for a better participation by and more meaningful interaction with the federal govt. the Feds must not isolate themselves from the sub continental communities. It is not a question of more or less but of candidate quality and ‘winnability’. Although personally I am totally against any form of ‘quotas’ at any level but generally going by population numbers and arithmetical calculations, there should be at least 4 fed member from the sub continental communities. Community leaders and political parties have a lot of serious work to do together in this respect

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