Coalition is pro migrant, says AIBC head


Sheba Nandkeolyar, President AIBC NSW and CEO MultiConnexions, thinks the elections results are good reason for South Asians to feel optimistic

Can you share your thoughts about this election and the results with us?

I think it is a good outcome for Australia. With this majority there will be more stability and less broken promises, a stronger Government.

Do you think the new government will mean a changed situation? If so, how? Could you give the reasons you think the Coalition’s rule will be different?

The Coalition has always focused on promising a safer and more prosperous Australia. This resonates with migrants who primarily come for a good life, a peaceful life and a prosperous life. The only reason I can think of is unity. They had the same team since the past few years and must be now ready to run.

Do you think the Coalition is pro-migrant? If so in what way?

The coalition is certainly pro migrant. Tony Abbott has often said migrants have contributed enormously to the social and economic fabric of Australia. He has made it clear that 457 visas contributed to the Australian economy. The visa holders come in and pay their taxes from day one and bring in skills which complement what is lacking in Australia.

What do you think the concerns of the Indian community were?

A fairer, a more united Government, a peaceful and secure existence and laws which encourage business and prosperity.

How do you read the results from Western Sydney?

While Labor was traditionally very strong and has held on to a few seats, the Coalition is getting stronger here. This was not the case a decade ago. 2 million people cannot be ignored by any party.

What do you think the South Asian community should look for from this government?

The South Asian community is a hardworking and highly educated community. They are also a peaceful community. They want an environment which will help them achieve the success that the South Asian community has achieved in the US. We have so many successes in the community but hardly do we see them in high positions. We hope that the new Government will be able to tap on the strengths of this community in their policy making and governance.

Do you think there should’ve been more Indian candidates in the election?

Yes I would like to see a stronger contingent of Indian and South Asian candidates. In fact I would like to see more candidates from multicultural backgrounds reflecting the composition of multicultural Australia.

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