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Sushmita Sen is a name that’s carved in the history of Fashion since the time she was crowned Miss Universe in 1994, the first Indian woman to win the contest. Since then there has been no looking back for her. A successful model and Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen has always been known for her exquisite work. So when she decided to adopt a girl child, she made it to the headlines of every newspaper and website and certainly her humble deed was appreciated by all. She achieved yet another milestone in 2010 when she acquired the rights to send delegates from India to Miss Universe through a new pageant franchise I Am She – Miss Universe India. In A candid chat on her personal life

Firstly, tell us about your journey in this industry?

It’s a true Cinderella Story. My God Mother waved her Magic Wand and the Universe became my playground. It’s very humbling when one looks back at the roller coaster ride of Life (Smiles).

Apart from the Miss Universe glory, what have been the defining moments of your life?

Oh, that was a different experience. But standing in the High Court, for Renee’s adoption at the age of 24… oh my God! After the verdict was out, I cried so much that day, I cried so much in the court…That was a different achievement.

Tell us about your adopted baby Alisah?

Alisah, which in Greek means joyful. She is a very happy child. She will win you over in one minute. I wanted to be a mother all over again. Motherhood is very special. Bahut dinon se khayyal tha lekin High Court ruling ka problem tha. The earlier rule was that if you have adopted a girl as your first baby, you can’t adopt another girl child. And I wanted a girl. Thankfully, three months ago, the High Court changed the ruling. You can’t imagine how happy I was after hearing that. Honestly, I was over the moon. And I am still over the moon.

You launched I am She beauty paegant from India to chose Miss India Universe. Tell us more?

It is going to be a yearlong event. It is not going to be just a three hour-long stage show. It is about involving India. It is about everybody feeling the girl representing the country is not just winning a beauty pageant. 16 years after bringing the crown to India, feels like life has come full circle for me. Having been in that position I understood that language could be a barrier for many aspiring women, and thus we are proud to say that ‘I AM She ‘ has no language barrier… we allow the contestants to express themselves in any language they are comfortable with, aided by interpreters. I believe Indian girls are the most beautiful in the world and without doubt have the most substance and courage in them. I aspire to celebrate the uniqueness of these 30 deserving contestants and hope to bring back the crown this year! The I AM She is all about celebrating uniqueness, and self. And, it has been successful in discovering our Indian women who have beauty, brains, heart and a spark of what it takes to represent the nation on a global platform like the MISS UNIVERSE Pageant

What is your dream role?

The first prerequisite to be an actor is that you must be greedy. if you are not greedy then you don’t grow here. I want to do so many other roles. I want to do that intensely mad love story, I still want to do that very deep rooted drama, I still want to do one full on rock band film and a mind-blowing, villainous role.

Sometime back allot of media had put you down as overweight. How did you react?

It (stories) did not hurt me as hurt is a very personal emotion and I don’t take anything that is written about me personally. But it did bother me because it made me think about the shallowness of the society and the media. It is not even about me. They were sending out a signal to the young people that you need to stay skinny to be defined as beautiful. I don’t agree with that notion and I don’t endorse it. I am size 4 but that does not mean that I am more beautiful than I was before.

You seem to having a long list of men in your life. Also, a reputation that your men have a Sushmita Sen hangover much after relationship is over?

It’s not because of who leaves whom. I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve left most of the men in my life. I wish that had not happened. In fact I said this to every man I get involved with: ” ” Here starts your haunted journey. You’ve never going to be loved as much as I love you.” The beauty of my relationship is that there are always more good memories than bad ones. I give myself completely to my man. I’m strong and a woman of today, but all this takes a backseat when I’m in love.

Are you open to a relationship now?

Of Course, I’m open to a relationship now. I don’t shut myself off to anything even if it us making a blunder. I’m not going to stop trying because it ends up in mistake. I know one day I’ll be suddenly and pleasantly surprised.

Of all the relationships, which has been the most fulfilling?

Relatively speaking, my most fulfilling relationship has been with the one I have with myself!

Some of the men in your life have said you’re very possessive and need constant attention from your man, making him claustrophobic.

I’m possessive person, not an obsessive person. I admit I love attention, but then attention is not a bad word, is it? I like being the child in a relationship. I do have my moments when i need to be alone but overall, I enjoy people and all the attention I get. That’s why I became famous!

Are you scared of making a lifelong commitment to your man?

No way! I’ve made a lifelong commitment to a little child even before getting married. That’s a bigger commitment because when you get into a relationship with a man you know there’s a way out if it doesn’t work out. I’m not in a hurry to commit myself to every second guy in my life to prove that I’m not scared of commitment. It’s a big decision and even more so now, because I’m not 18 and can no longer jump into relationship since Renee is invloved.

You somehow seem to love to live in isolation in every aspect of your life. Is it cultivated the mystique and mystery around you?

I think we all live in isolation; it’s just that we enjoy company. When you are tired, no one else can go and hit the sack for you. You’ve got to do it yourself. Oh, you might have someone for company there, but the fact is, you’ve gotta get your own sleep. On a less mundane level, isolation is your own space, freedom in which you weave episodes with people by sharing. Am I cultivating mystery? Not at all. In fact, I am getting to know myself better. But the time when I didn’t really know myself better. But the time when I didn’t really know myself too well, I found that everybody else seemed to know me much better. And I believed them. I am beyond that now. Earlier, I had this approval seeking behaviour, without approval I was destroyed. Now that I don’t want it, it doesn’t mean anything to me.

You are back and looking hot, spill out the secret to us…

I am an actor and we need to get into the skin of our characters – so did I! Now my next project demands me to be in shape and so I am! Though I must say, it was not so easy task to shed the extra pounds. Strict diets don’t work for me, I simply control my bad carb intake and watch what I am eating. I have an athletic and lean constitution, so regular workouts and small portioned meals every two hours works best for me – and the result’s in front of you!

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