International student of the year


Amandeep Singh Bhinder has been awarded international student of the year by the Holmesglen TAFE. Bhinder did his diploma in horticulture, a two-and-a-half year course. He now works for the Franskston City Council as a horticulturalist.

Twenty-six-year-old Bhinder came to Australia about three years ago from Gurdaspur in Punjab. After completing his university degree in India in network engineering, Bhinder found the course he liked on the internet and applied through IDP for admission. Coming from an agricultural family, Bhinder had an inclination for the outdoors as well as a feel for related industries. His father’s career with the Indian Air Force also meant that Bhinder’s family moved around India a bit.

Bhinder found life as a student in Australia difficult and challenging. However, he is full of praise for the TAFE he studied in. His coursework and his teachers were, according to him, the best that he could have hoped for as a student.
Not very long ago, Bhinder was also in the news as a victim of an attack with baseball bats. He laughs about the incident now.

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