“Sky Rail” takes Noble Park to new heights

By Neha Soudagar

House and unit prices sky-rocket in the area due to improved livability

Melbourne recently got its first sky rail in the inner South Eastern suburb of Noble Park. The area also got an elevated modern railway station, which was part of the “level crossing removal” project being implemented on the Dandenong Line.

The leafy suburb of Noble Park, which forms part of the state electorate of Victorian Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews, has seen three level crossings removed from its terrain in recent times, which has had many positive impacts—the first among them being that the prices of residential and commercial real estate has risen along with the improved standards of living in the area. Too add to it, Premier Andrews also announced the construction of 200 extra car parks for the Sandown Park Station.

Noble Park has a decent-sized Victorian Indian community as well, and it’s not far from the Little India Precinct in Dandenong.

With the level crossings gone, traffic congestion has reduced; residents/community that for long had been divided on two sides of railway line have come closer; the suburb’s livability has improved; and there is better traffic inflow, which has had a positive impact on local business houses and shops.

Former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta, says, “The removal of level crossings has definitely had a positive impact on the overall livability of the area. The train commuters enjoy nice views of the suburbs when passing through the elevated sections of railway crossing.”

Gupta, who is an investor in the area, and a former Noble Park resident, adds that the view of Noble Park swimming pool looks majestic from inside the train when it passes through the area. “The new railway station has modern facilities, and has brought a positive vibe in the area,” he says.

“I am waiting for the proposed parks, green patches and community areas to be built under the railway overpasses. When the construction work finishes, the community will be able to walk through to other side of the suburbs,” adds Mr Gupta.

Apart from its world class swimming pool, Noble Park is well known famous for its racecourse and grey hound racing centre. It is serviced by three railway stations– Yarraman, Noble Park and Sandown Park.


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