‘City of Casey’ moves into Bunjil Place at Narre Warren

By Jemima Sheba Anandan

The City of Casey has now moved into its new premises located within Bunjil Place. More than 35,000 people flocked to the new entertainment precinct opened in the last week of October to participate in a range of activities, sample the shows and entertainment that will feature within Bunjil Place, and view for themselves the magnificent new community facility.

The Narre Warren Civic Centre and Customer Service Centre, which has relocated to Bunjil Place, will operate on a new schedule to better accommodate the needs of Casey residents. Council’s other offices at Percy Trewin Annexe in Regency Drive and Verdun Drive have also closed.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Aziz said the new customer service space within Bunjil Place delivers a modern, dynamic and most of all friendly environment for people to interact with Council. “There are many exciting aspects to Bunjil Place, one of which is the opportunity the facility has provided to allow us to bring many of our staff together under one roof, creating efficiencies and collaboration opportunities for Council that would not have otherwise been possible,” said Mayor Aziz.

“The move will also see employees shift to a more flexible way of working that will result in better outcomes for our community, and deliver better customer service to our residents,” he added.

Prominent Victorian Indians such as former ministerial adviser Nitin Gupta; Richmond Tiger’s Ambassadors—Aravind Putta, Preeti Sharma, Madhumita Rangavanshi, Jasmine Kaur and Anchal Agarwal; Line Producer Mrs Nithya Remesan (Natya Entertainment & AIBC); Shivesh Pandey (IAEF); Manish Patel (Patel Hair Salon, Selandra Rise SC); and various others were also present during the opening ceremony.


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