Victorian govt calls for views from Indian community on viability of third cultural hub in Monash

By Our Reporter
Monash Civic Centre

The Victorian Government recently announced plans to build a third Indian cultural hub in the state for the south-east. Monash City Council has been granted $50,000 for a three-month feasibility study to examine the needs of the local Indian community and assess the viability of a third Indian cultural hub.

But concerns from sections of the Indian community have been raised over the lack of progress in developing existing and new Indian cultural hubs in the south-east and across Victoria. Calls have also been made for the third cultural hub to be built in Cranbourne, in the City of Casey, which is home to Victoria’s fastest-growing Indian community.

In order to fully understand all of the issues and the views of the diverse Australian Indian community, Ms Inga Peulich, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, is welcoming views and responses from communities to the following questions:

  • Were you, your group or organisation consulted on the issues of Indian cultural precincts and hubs and their location in Melbourne and Victoria?
  • With Dandenong and Wyndham already being earmarked for Indian cultural precincts, do we need more, and where?
  • Has there has been sufficient consultation with the Indian community on the location and design of the proposed cultural hub?
  • What social and physical infrastructure should be included in the proposed cultural hub?
  • Should cultural hubs be specific to a particular ethnicity or culture or should they remain open for use to ethnicities and cultures in the community?
  • Are there other locations in Victoria that we should consider?

“The Indian community has contributed much to this great state. To further cement Victoria as Australia’s multicultural capital, it is important that the state government has a viable, long-term plan to address the growing needs of our multicultural population,” said Ms Peulich, adding that she looked forward to reviewing comments on the proposal by the Andrews Labor Government.


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