The new faces of FOSAI

Boa jane & margaret The new faces of FOSAI

Festival finds brand ambassadors in twins Jane and Margaret Pridmore

Australian twins Jane and Margaret Pridmore are best friends but don’t have very much in common. While Jane has a masters in Fashion Design, Margaret is all about playing tennis and studying business. But there is one thing that the two of them have in common and that is their strong sense of community. It has inspired them to kickstart a foundation called Helping Hands, aimed at working with underprivileged kids overseas.

And now, the twins as brand ambassadors for Festivals of South Asia Inc. and Brides of Asia, want to spread the word about Indian heritage in multicultural Australia. While nurturing Indian culture forms the heart of FOSAI’s mission, Brides of Asia hosts multicultural wedding and fashion shows, to foster that very same essence of diversity.

Jane, who graduated with a Bachelors of Design Arts, majoring in Fashion Design, works as a dressmaker for a Melbourne-based couture company. Margaret is currently playing college tennis in South Carolina, U.S.A. while studying a double degree in International Business and German Studies. Both girls are very passionate about life, from travelling the world to constantly widening their range of skills and interests. From a young age, Jane and Margaret have had strong interests in music, languages, and travel.

Between the two of them, they speak six languages and can play four musical instruments. They also enjoy other extra-curricular activities such as tennis, horse riding and snowboarding. In terms of their community service, Jane and Margaret have been involved in many events, including the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, and were also a part of a class that allowed them to work on a community project during high school.

Their role as FOSAI’s brand ambassadors, say the twins, is something completely new to them though they have a bit of experience with modelling in photoshoots. Jane though has participated in pageants including Miss Asia World 2016 where she won the Miss Friendship Award.

As brand ambassadors, Jane and Margaret would like to inspire the community by being role models, and representing multicultural acceptance through their multicultural background. “We would also like to bring the community closer,” says Jane, who adds that she decided to get on board with the Brides of Asia show when organiser Nowman Kareem told her about her role.

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