AuZone hosts dinner to celebrate Wyndham’s multiculturalism

By Our Reporter
Gautam Gupta

To celebrate Wyndham’s diversity, AuZone magazine will host its first ever ‘multi-cultural’ dinner in September. AuZone has organised several forums and panel discussions over the years on topics of interest to residents of Wyndham. With this dinner, AuZone hopes to turn the spotlight on Wyndham’s multiculturalism through the stories of its community leaders.

Wyndham is known for its diversity, solidarity and fast adaptation to change. The publishers of AuZone believe that the most effective way of creating social and policy change in this area is to facilitate opportunities for authentic relationships to be built.

The dinner will give businesses leaders the opportunity to converge for a better understanding of how diverse ways of seeing the world can actually weave community, businesses, work places, schools and institutions together.

At the dinner, Portfolio Councillor for Cultural Diversity of Wyndham City Council Gautam Gupta will share his vision for multiculturalism in Wyndham. He believes that cultural diversity should be celebrated as it enhances society and that every person ought to have as many opportunities as possible to be included as a valuable part of society. Determination, leadership and advocacy, are some of his key bastions.

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